Part 1/3 : New Zealand

Today it’s the first day of our three-weeks trip towards New Zealand.

Monday the 2nd of April : beginning of our trip, first stop in Fiji
Wallis Island being difficult to access, we are obliged to pass by Fiji and to sleep there one night.
avion fiji

Tuesday 3rd of April, arrival in Auckland and first night in Christchurch
We took an internal flight with the low cost airline company ‘Jet Star’ to go to southern New Zealand in Christchurch.
Jet stard

Wednesday the 4th of April, our first km in motorhome and our meeting with sealions
We rented a motorhome for 2 weeks to discover the South Island of New Zealand. Such an amazing experience !
At Kaikoura, we had the chance to approach sea lions 🙂

Thursday the 5th of April, at the discovery of Pancake Rocks
So impressive ! There is a paved walk (great for children) that takes you to the famous Pancake Rocks.Pancake rocks

Friday the 6th of April, at the discovey of the Fox Glacier
Fox Glacier is a 13-kilometre-long glacier on the West coast of New Zealand. Such beaufitul !
Fox glacier

Saturday the 7th of April, incredible natural beauty and colors of beaches
beaches 1



Sunday the 8th of April, the land of sheeps
I’ve never seen so many sheep 🙂 there’s even one who takes the pose on the pics


The most expensive Internet connection in the world

I must confess that it’s really difficult on a daily basis to put pictures on this blog. Let’s not talk about videos, it’s totally impossible.

The Internet flow is insufficient and prices are really high.


To have prices in Euros, you have to divide by 100.

It’s just incredible ! But it’s also normal when you live on a small island, far from everything.

We look forward to the arrival of the fiber. Soon 🙂

Open a coconut… hard work…

We are very lucky because in our garden we have a lot of cononuts.
But it’s a little bit frustrating… I don’t have the technique to open them.

A week ago I decided to open one myself.

And I have succeeded after ‘only’ 1 hour… For your information a wallisian person takes 2 minutes…

Here is the ‘result’ :


I admit it doesn’t sound very appetizing. But we were able to drink the juice as you can see below :

coconut juice

After all these efforts, I was told that the juice was not the right colour and that my coconut was no longer good. A Wallisian came to my aid and prepared me 3 delicious coconuts that I put in the fridge.

coconut in the firdge

To come face to face with a scolopendra

In Wallis Island there are no dangerous animals. That’s a big point that I appreciate on a daily basis!

Of course mosquitos are numerous due to a tropical climate. Besides, the whole island is fighting a dengue epidemic since November.

You can also meet rats or spiders in the wild.

But what scares me …

scolopendre wikipedia


Here is the picture of the scolopendra that I met. When you see a scolopendra, you have no choice but to kill it (with a specific technique consisting of crushing its head).


Thankfully, this “venomous encounter” only happened once in two months.

Cost of living : expensive or not?

Living on an island is, of course, more expensive than living in a big country.

In Wallis it’s difficult to find local products. On 75 square kilometres of land, the production (of vegetables for instance) is low. Production from the dairy sector is non-existent, there are no cows. That’s why my diet consists of many imported products.
But I would like also to underline that I have just arrived and don’t know all the distribution channels yet. I am working on it 🙂

In Wallis there are 2 supermarkets :
– “S.E.M” Supermarché le Meilleur
– “Interwallis”

Below you will find an example of invoice (divide by 100 to have approximate prices in Euros). What do you find most shocking? 😉


In a nutshell, if your consumption is local (provided you find the right channels of vegetables and fishes), your budget will be correct.