The benefits of aloe vera

You can easily found aloe vera in Wallis Island. Wallisien people explained me how to use aloe vera on the hair. It’s easy !
You have to peel the aloe vera, then to mix it, and finally put it directly on the hair like a mask.
I have to recognize that the result was there. My hair was softer and more beautiful than usual. Nothing beats (wallisien) natural products.




After 4 months, we ate our first fish

It is with great pleasure that we ate our first fish 4 months after our arrival.
It seems very surprising knowing that we are on an island surrounded by fish of all kinds. But it’s true : when you’re a stranger, it takes time to find fish.

This fish was delicious ! It was a parrot fish as you can see below.


The hard part remains to be done: preparing the fish. I never did that by the past. After an hour of ‘struggle’, the fish was finally ready for cooking 🙂


Gallirallus philippensis or Veka

This extraordinary bird lives in the Pacific and also in Wallis Island for our great pleasure.
Its official name is Gallirallus philippensis, but we prefer call it Veka. This species has points in common with the famous KIWI in New Zealand.
The advantage of the Veka is that we can see it everywhere on Wallis Island. He doesn’t hide like the kiwi 😉