A 6km run

Each year there is a run of 6 km in Wallis Island. Even if the race starts at 6:00 AM, the most difficult is the heat and humidity.
But I did it in 41 minutes 🙂 It was the first time I was on a podium.

Course 6km Wallis


Internet in Wallis : new bandwidth and new prices

It is always important to highlight good news. The quality of the Internet network has improved considerably in the last 3 months thanks to the arrival of cable and 4G. I can now easily put photos on my blog, which could take long minutes before… I must also point out that this depends on the area where we live in Wallis. For some, unfortunately, it hasn’t changed anything.

Another good news is the incredible drop in prices that I let you discover below.

Internet 1

Internet 2