Cyclone GITA

Nature is always right, isn’t it?

Today I am going to tell you what it’s like to be in a cyclone.

On Thursday the 8th :
It rained all day long with strong winds. A storm.

On Friday the 9th :
At noon, the storm turned into cyclone level 1. We have received several messages from the authorities asking us to stay at home.
tempête v32018-02-13

What is the most impressive ? the sound of the wind rushing into the house

At 17 P.M., we didn’t have electricity (until the next day at noon).

tempête V2 2018-02-13

Romantic 😉

From 20 P.M.the cyclone went away. Unfortunately cyclone has gained strength (level 5) and done extensive damages on Tonga, as you can read it in this article :

Here on Wallis Island main damages were lying trees. Fortunately for us !

tempête 2018-02-13

TEMPËTE V42018-02-13


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I am a new resident of Wallis Island and very excited to discover this little piece of paradise.

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